Winter vacationing Indonesia

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Winter vacationing in Indonesia

Winter vacationing in Indonesia is winter vacationing in Paradise.
Indonesia is a country of spectacular beauty with long white beaches, wonderfully clear seawater in which dolphins regularly play, but also an island of beautiful mountains and terraces where rice is cultivated. Indonesiai is located in the the Pacific Ocean.
Tourism is well developed in Indonesia and there are luxurious beaches, hotels and restaurants, but luckily there are also many smaller, traditional places with delicious food and drink.

Activities such as diving, snorkeling and golf are good options for athletic free time. There are also many possibilities for more cultural activities to learn about the rich history of the island by visiting the many temples, seeing a traditional Indonesian dance performance or enjoying Gamelan music for example.
Winter vacationing in Indonesia means staying in a tropical environment where the temperatures depend on the height a person is at. To remember Indonesia for a long time to come, there is plenty of high-quality gold and silver smith work as well as wood carving work for sale.