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Spain's health care is currently among the best in the world. Spain has traditionally spent a lot of money on health care. Since 1991, 99% of the population is covered by the national health care system, the Sistema Nacional de Salud.
Spain has a large number of (private and general) clinics. The private clinics are enjoying high times now that about 25% of medical care is provided in private clinics or institutions.

For the winter holiday visitor requiring medical care, Spain is therefore a country safe to stay in with regard to health care.
Before overwintering in Spain it is prudent to read the terms of your health insurance policy and contact your health insurer first. Your insurer can tell you precisely which steps you need to take in Spain at the moment you require medical care or need to be admitted into hospital.
Through your own health insurance you will mosly be entitled to private health care in Spain, but you do need a European Insurance card for this. Also compare your health insurance with your travel insurance to avoid double insurance, and thus paying double premiums.
If you need a doctor during your winter stay in Spain then you can go directly to the local GP post (the Centro Salud) or to a private GP. The winter tourist might prefer a private doctor, because the latter will sometimes speak English in busier destinations. You may have to pay for the consult then, however.
If you need to be admitted into hospital during your winter vacation in Spain you can choose a private hospital near you. Your insurance papers are required, however, and in most cases you will have to make a deposit. This deposit can also be declared with your health insurer. Always make sure you are well informed of your health insurance and the costs that can be declared before heading to Spain for the winter holiday.