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Apartment with veranda, terraces, garden, situated at 1300 meters is from Lido IsOrrosas.



Lotzorai, a pleasant village lain between two rivers in the untouched region of Ogliastra. Nice apartment lain on a distance of 1300 meters from Is Orrosas beach, with a large garden and a veranda of 40m2. Classification: two bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and veranda.


Lotzorai, a small village with a long sandy beach, facing the Gulf of Arbatax. Situated between Tortolì-Arbatax and Santa Maria Navarrese, along the mid-eastern coast, it enjoys a spectacular view of the Isle of Ogliastra, visible from the various beaches. The more well-known are Il Lido delle Rose, Tancau and Polu. Also worth visiting are the coves of Cala Goloritzè, Cala Mariolu, Cala Luna and Cala Sisine, reachable on foot or by boat. Other interesting sights are the various archaeological centres in the area.


The village is at the centre of a huge amphitheatre formed by Monte Oro that overlooks it from Baunei, and the distant Gennargentu tops standing out against a terse cerulean sky. Lotzorai, a friendly village Ogliastra is Located between two rivers, (and Pramaera Girasole), 1000 meters from the seashore, a positioning That accounts for the pleasant breeze tempering its unceasing summertime heat. The village is at the center of a huge amphitheater formed by Monte Oro That looks about it from Baunei, and the distant Gennargentu stops standing out against a cerulean sky terse.


The semi-circle Protects this mountain valley from the chilly winters Ogliastra Fostering its spring-like climate. For the Roman saying does Lotzorai Apply: 'Hic Ver Assiduum' here is eternal spring! Coming from Cagliari, Lotzorai is announced by the Castello della Medusa, That the building dominates the village like a sturdy medieval knight on guard. A rare view can be enjoyed from the castle: the sea below and the tiny isle of Ogliastra, a few hundred feet away from the coast, are so close, one could almost touch 'em.


Today in the village and hamlet in its Tancau, there are Several hotels and restaurants, five campsites and an area reserved for campers, a large open-air discotheque and many other places where one can spend a pleasant evening. In the hinterland, just a few kilometers from the village, or complexes are interesting Domus de Janas and other archaeological Remains. Padentino su (4 km from Lotzorai, on the road to Talana) is a lush forest of century old ilexes, cork-oaks and carob, with safe areas for barbecues and a picnic area with stone tables and benches. Lotzorai is a small village, only 1 km from the sea, surrounded by unspoilt countryside in the center of the Ogliastra plain.


Over the last twenty years the population almost doubled thanks to the HAS strong influence of tourism in the area. Girasole's territory extends for about 13 km and farming plays an important role in the community.

Services, to be found in Lotzorai, just a few hundred metres away, is the market, chemist, cash machine, post office, bars, restaurants, pizzerias, piano bar, disco, tourist office. There are also tourist services such as umbrella and deck chair hire, boat hire, sailing school, diving courses, horse rididng schools, sea or land excursions with or without guides, bicycle, scooter and car hire, campsite. The commercial centre of Tortolì is 5 minutes' drive away.


The colors of the sea and the rock-formations are breathtaking. If that's still not enough, special group itineraries can be organized including deep-sea diving, special menus, photographic shoots, videos, on board parties and night-time sailing. Sardinia's wind is renowned among expert surfers but it's also interesting for those who want to try this exciting sport for the first time. The wind and sea provide the perfect conditions in which to experience this sport at all levels. Qualified schools and rental facilities can be found on all compatible beaches; Sardinia's surfing potential is very high. In addition to its many spots and the high quality of its water, the frequency of 'surfable' waves makes surfing actually possible 200 days of the year on average!


The spots are often not crowded and you can even surf alone on dream-like waves with the sea swelling in from all directions. Once again it is the mistral wind (from north west) that makes the difference. It's not uncommon for the waves to reach 3 meters and in particularly good conditions, even 4 meters! The best seasons for surfing in Sardinia are fall, winter and spring. It's not easy to describe in just a few words, what this place, is able to convey to its visitors. In fact, the majority of tourists is familiar with and visits the Barisardo coasts, for the most part, during the hot summer months when organising something different from a day at the beach is almost impossible.


A mountain bike excursion in fall or spring, thanks to its favourable climatic conditions, represents an interesting opportunity especially for those who have never visited Sardinia's interior regions.

The paths, often on gravel roads, present various levels of difficulty; even beginners can enjoy taking on the challenge. Obviously, as always in these cases, safety requires the use of appropriate clothing and gear, fitting for both the type of course and the season. For those who decide to put themselves to the test mountain biking, a good supply of water (especially in the summer) and a helmet are certainly necessary...but not enough!


Before your departure, it's important to check your breaks, make sure to have a local map, a compass and a small tire repair kit in case you blow a wheel. Follow these few basic but important rules and you'll be ready to begin your excursion on one of many routes found in the 10.000 square m of Sardinian forest. In Sardinia, mountain biking has become increasingly popular for two reasons; the need to exert outdoor sporting activities and the possibility to access otherwise inaccessible areas, if not on foot. Different facilities on the Island have therefor organised and offer both guided tours or simply the chance to rent the necessary equipment, allowing do-it-yourself hikers with the desire for adventure to follow inaccessible but enjoyable paths. Even those who haven't gone bike-riding since they were kids will have fun. Treasure Island !


The Modern Tourist Port of Saint Maria Navarrese Baunei and Has Been inaugurated in 1998, a sure and pleasant shelter in the Oriental Coast of Sardinia That can entertain up to 340 boats with a maximum length up to 30 meters. The workforce is competent and cordial and the variety of the services offered are printable to Satisfy the demands of the different diportistis. From June 2005 the port Has Been endowed with the 'Pequod', the lifter to other wise allow the access of the skilled people on board, so Becoming the 'first accessible port 'of Sardinia. In 2006, for the second time the Tourist Port Consecutive HAS gotten the prestigious Blue Flag recognition of the tourist landing,


That is Assigned for quality of the landing, and Safety Measures services, environmental education and information. The Tourist Port every year thanks to the presences Increases His quality of the services and sacrifices to the magic That where the scenery is drawn from the port That the sense of the nature.

Why is it that he who finds a friend, finds a treasure? Sardinia is a land of people who have had hospitality in their hearts for thousands of years. Its guests are always spoiled, as if they were good friends.


The Hospitality Section lists the best local accommodations and facilities, always efficient and modern, available to tourists in search of holidays and new experiences. Among their distinct characteristics is the staff's exquisite professionalism which allows you to establish friendly relationships with them, putting you at your ease while letting you make use of the numerous facilities and entertainment available. The possible choices include Residence Hotels, farm holidays, Bed & Breakfasts, camping and much more.


A quick glance at the climatic characteristics of Sardinia highlight the fact that the coastal regions enjoy a particularly mild climate and limited cloud-coverage. With an average temperature of +16º C and normal lows somewhere in the neighbourhood of +11º C to +13º C, it's especially possible in the southern part of the Island to go for a swim even in late spring and early fall. One comes to the conclusion that in Sardinia, true winter resorts don't exist. In fact, it's possible to go skiing during the winter in only in a few areas of the Gennargentu, including Mount La Marmora (elevation 1834 m), highest mountain-top on the entire Island.