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This apartment is located at the feet of the Selene Nature Reserve, a forested area. Situated on a short ride from the Gennargentu mountains. 

Lanusei is like an amphitheater, dominating a big valley, the coast and the sea. Surrounded by a forest of oaks, but also enjoys a privileged location and its own resources and those from neighboring villages easily accessible for tourists. Splendid old buildings, neat squares, a breathtaking scenic backdrop; Lanusei, the capital of the Province of Ogliastra, is located in the east of Sardinia on the ridges between Mount Gennargentu and the coast, and betwixt the green of the hinterland and the deep-blue sea. It enjoys a magnificent position set in the midst of natural wonders and easily-reachable sites of great tourist and cultural interest.

The majestic communal wood of Selene stands in the western part of the area, not far from the inhabited centre of Lanusei. It lies on a granite mountain which can be reached along the SS 198. Here we find an unspoilt environment which stretches for about 1000 m, where it is possible to observe both wonderful waterfalls and appreciate a considerably important context for animal life. Within this environmental context a significant Nuraghic complex can be admired. The archaeological site is set in a magnificent wood of ilex and chestnut trees on the granite Selene mountain.


The complex is made up of a Nuraghe with a group of huts and two “giants’ tombs”. Only the base of the Nuraghe remains. The burial place is set out in the regular way; an absidal main part, a covered corridor and an architectural front elevation which opens in a hemicycle. A small hilly town renowned for its invigorating healthy climate, Lanusei is set as an amphitheatre dominating a valley, the coast and the sea. Surrounded by a forest of oaks, it also enjoys a privileged central position and can make its own resources and those of neighbouring villages readily available to tourists.

It is the most important town for culture in Ogliastra, seat of the diocese and the religious college of the Salesiani, the law court and also the hospital. It has a wealth of cultural centres: museums, churches and monuments testify its resplendent past. Worth mentioning is the Astrological Observatory “F. Caliumi”, open to the public, situated on the top of Monte Armidda, an ideal location, free from light pollution.Various areas of the territory display a gorgeous landscape rich in wild life: wild-boars, moufflons, birds of prey, partridges and hares, etc. 

The lovely scenery that can be admired from Monte Armidda includes the characteristic Perda Liana, Monte Tricoli, the porphyry crest of Serra Coronedda and the littoral plain.The archaeological legacy on the territory covers all the periods from early Neolithic to Roman times. The most significant finds are from the Nuragic era: 6 nuraghi, 2 giants’ tombs and about 14 areas where settlements are supposed to have existed. The most important archaeological and environmental site is Selene: an ancient settlement perched on a rocky outcrop with, at a brief distance, beautiful giants’tombs.

Sardinia is a beautiful and fascinating island; this portal strives to catalogue its numerous tourist attractions. It is a wonderful and captivating island for those whose visit is motivated by its medieval churches, extraordinary scenery and nuraghe; for those with a passion for hunting, fishing, hiking, or horseback-riding; for individuals interested in visiting its Phoenician, Punic and Roman historical testimonials or satisfying their curiosity on subjects concerning geology, nature and mineralogy, and finally, for those who are interested in its genuine folklore and celebrations, its many beaches and transparent coastlines, sudden gorges and hidden grottoes. 

Lastly, let’s not forpost its marshes and their typical fauna or pleasure boating along its coastline from which one of the most scenic and remarkable views of the Mediterranean is offered. Crystalline expanses Blue, sea blue, turquoise, green and even gold. Hot if rippled by the Ponente wind, cold if the Mistral is at work, warm if the sirocco swirls. The sea of Sardinia, with its clean, crystalline waters, is a much sought after Mecca.