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Reaching your winter holiday destination in Portugal will not be a problem. You can choose to travel by car or boat, but it is easier still to travel by plane. The national airline is Air Portugal, but there are several airlines that fly to Portugal. The main airports are Lisbon, Oporto and Faro.
When overwintering in Portugal you can use both the national bus network "Rodoviaria Nacional" (RN) or one of the many privatised bus companies. RN bus fares are relatively low, but travelling around with RN is also slower. Do you want to move around fast during your winter stay in Portugal? Then opt for a private bus company. They offer fast non-stop service along the most popular routes and also go to places without train stations.
The "Caminhos de Ferro Portuguese" is the Portuguese national railway company. The domestic railway lines are fairly good and also reliable. Regional trains run throughout the whole of Portugal, but there are also express trains that run between Lisbon and Oporto. In contrast with other countries the train stations are located outside of the city centres. Are you staying at Madeira? Then keep in mind there are no trains there.
In Lisbon you can also use electric trams and the underground.
Additionally, you can choose to move around with the very reasonably priced taxis. Do make clear price arrangements with your driver if there is no meter. All taxi drivers are obliged to keep a printed price list.