Portugal Climate

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During your winter vacation the climate of the country you reside in is obviously of great importance. We therefore try to help you find the winter destination in Portugal most suitable for you by providing the following information.
Portugal has a Mediterranean climate. Along the coast the winter temperatures are somewhat lower than they are inland. The more southerly you find yourself, the warmer the winter temperatures become in Portugal.
The most popular regions for winter vacationing in Portugal are the Algarve, the region north of the Algarve named Alentejo, and the island of Madeira. Other locations are enjoyable as well; the sunshine will be pleasant at any place where you are a bit out of the wind.

For the most pleasant temperatures during your winter holiday in Portugal, the Algarve region is your best bet. The lowest rainfall in Portugal can be found here; it rains only 50 to 60 days a year. The Mediterranean climate provides mild winters in this region. In January and February the day temperature is around 16 degrees Celsius. Snowfall is seldom seen, making Southern Portugal one of the snow-free areas in Europe.
Do keep in mind that the evenings and nights in Portugal can be cold. So bring enough warm clothing during your winter break!