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Gus Vergnes
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Mobile home

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Seaside / Countryside / Forrestal / Village
Internet / Cot / Bedding
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Crete, Europe's most southern place. With over 300 days of sunshine this island is ideal for a winter time trip! Daytime high temperatures average 62 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit with top temperatures reaching even low 70-ties! An ideal climate to come to Crete for a longer or shorter period of time during the nasty, cold West-European winter.


Crete is Greece largest island with a total length of 160 miles and over 620 miles of coast line. Crete has a very divers geology and nature. There are high and rough mountains with peaks up to 8.000 feet which are full of snow until late spring.

There are many gorges with the Samaria as one of the longest in Europe. This gorge is closed during winter months due to rain and snow. But there are plenty of other gorges to explore.


Crete has many small but good accessible beaches where you can do free camping. Most beach taverns are closed in winter time but there is no need to feel lonely! Small villages are shattered all over the island where you can go for groceries, a sweet Greek coffee in the local 'cafenion' or a great Cretans home cooked meal.



With a campervan you discover all of Crete! Go wherever you want to go an stay wherever you want to stay. The island is yours, especially in winter time. Enjoy the freedom at desolated beaches at the south coast, stay at the high plains with millions of stars at night or find a hospital parking spot in one of the picturesque villages.

Free camping is allowed and makes your trip even more adventurous. Come to Crete, meet the friendly and hospital locals, enjoy the mild climate with many hours of sunshine, taste the local wine and dishes.


We rent modern camper-vans with full equipment (pottery and cutlery), 3-burner stove, refrigerator, heating, hot water system, shower, toilet, 100 liter water reservoir, waste water tank, double gas bottles, camping table and chairs.

Have a look at our website for more information about camper rental on Crete. You also find detailed information and recent photos of our campervans.
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